This page features a collection of music that Pat O’Grady has associated been with. It consists of material from 2007 until present and includes solo releases and work that he produced for other musicians. 

Pat O’Grady – Into My Own (2016)

Into My Own is a 11 track studio album completed November 2014. Because Only Begun was largely made by myself, I wanted to explore studio-based songwriting practices with the presence of session players. Into My Own is, as a result, includes both demos made by myself and final recordings tracked with a band. In order to explore more heterogeneous approaches to studio-based songwriting, I chose not to let the band hear the demos but, rather, I communicated my ideas verbally and with roughly written chord charts.

Pat O’Grady – Only Begun (2012)

Only Begun is an 11 track studio album completed September 2012. It is a collection of songs created in small production suite. On this album, I wanted to contain the personnel to myself, and produce an album using composite layers of sounds. My skills as a vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist were used to provide instruments, and my skills in sequencing were used to provide percussion. Throughout this process, there was no demo/final recording dichotomy in the production process. Rather the songs evolved in one Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) session.

The album was accompanied by an acoustic performance in November 2012. Because Only Begun is multiple layers of myself through my vocal, guitar keyboard and sequencing, I wanted to explore the absence of these layers through an acoustic performance of these songs to an audience. 

Pat O’Grady – Just A Chance (2007)

Pat O’Grady – The Road Ahead (2007)

Sam Newton – Set In Stone (2014)

Set In Stone is a 11 track studio album completed in November 2014. I produced, recorded and mixed the album and, on select tracks, provided piano, Rhodes  and string arrangements. 

Cameron James Henderson – Distorted Hope Blues (2014)

Distorted Hope Blues is the first EP of the Sydney based singer/songwriter, Cameron James Henderson. On this EP, I recorded, produced and mixed the songs.