Pat O’Grady is a musician and academic based in Sydney, Australia.


Pat’s sound and style brings together a diverse range of influences. His music builds on a mix of pop, country and R&B traditions, particularly from the 1960s and 1970s. His songs have a strong emphasis on melodies, lyrics, rich accompaniments and contemporary production approaches. Pat has an active presence in Sydney’s live music scene. He has performed both original and cover songs in a range of spaces along the eastern coast of Australia, but mainly within his home town, in Sydney’s Inner West. Pat also produces recorded music for himself and other artists. He has predominantly worked within his boutique recording studio, POG Music Studios. He has, however, also worked within larger production spaces.


Pat holds a Doctor of Philosophy in music and media from Macquarie University. In his thesis, he used creative practice, musicological analysis and cultural theory in order to examine pop music production in the latter part of twentieth century. Pat also holds a Masters of Recording Arts from Macquarie, a Bachelor of Music from Western Sydney University and an Advanced Diploma of Music from the Contemporary Music College in Sydney. Pat also tutors and lectures at Macquarie University. He has taught in the areas of popular musicology, popular music history, music psychology, music production, music literacy, guitar technique, post-structural cultural theory and media studies. Pat has spoken at international conferences on popular music. He has published in the areas of music streaming, the politics of music and nationhood, approaches to music production and emergent trends in recording studios.


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